A Russian-Scandinavian joint energy strategy

Jun 03, 2009 02:00 AM

Russian Foreign Ministry representative Mikhail Yevdokimov in a seminar proposed the establishment of a new energy cooperation initiative between Russia, the Scandinavian countries, Finland and the Baltic states.
"We are trying to elaborate a strategy on cooperation with the European Union within the field of energy," Mr Yevdokimov said at the Baltic Forum. "However, perhaps is will be best to start off with the construction of interrelations between several countries in one region," he added.

According to the foreign ministry representative, Russia, the Scandinavian countries, Finland and the Baltic states could with its wide and diversified characteristics together form a powerful energy region.
"Norway and Northwest Russia have experiences within energy extraction, Scandinavia and Finland within energy saving, while the Baltic states and Kaliningrad are themselves solving the problem of their energy security," he said.

Mr Yevdokimov also called the proposed new energy region a "prototype" of the whole European Union.
The statements come as Russia and the EU are in the complicated process of elaborating a new Partnership Agreement. That agreement is planned to include key energy components.

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