Syria and Turkey agree to cooperate on Arab gas pipe-line project

May 30, 2009 02:00 AM

Egyptian Petroleum Minister Sameh Fahmi revealed that Syria and Turkey agreed to cooperate on the Arab gas pipe-line project that would run through the Arab region. The estimated date of completing the project is beginning of 2010.
The pipe-line project would first be linking Egypt and Lebanon and then it would go through the Syrian lands and would end up in Turkey.

Regarding cooperation with Arab countries, the Egyptian Minister said that his country would increase cooperation on this field with Sham Arab region, but noted that no new gas exporting contracts would be signed before 2010.
Fahmi said that the Egyptian Petroleum sector was not affected by the global credits crisis, affirming that the cabinet had signed eight major deals to develop the petroleum industry here.

The Egyptian minister revealed the next meeting for the Arab gas pipe-line project would include the participation of Iraq.

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