Poland seeks increase in Russian gas imports

Jul 01, 2009 02:00 AM

PGNiG expects to increase Russian natural gas imports by 2-3 bn cm to 10-11 bn cm annually from 2010, a senior official at the Polish energy company said.
"We want to increase gas shipments by 2 to 3 bn cm from 2010," said PGNiG deputy chairman Miroslaw Dobrut. Dobrut said Poland expected to sign an agreement on the increase of gas shipments with Russian gas monopoly Gazprom by the end of August.

The current contract envisages the delivery of 8 bn cm of Russian natural gas to Poland in 2010.
The Polish company voiced its proposals at the latest meeting with Gazprom in Warsaw, and another meeting will take place soon, the Polish official said. Gas imports, of which 92 % come from Russia, meet two thirds of Poland's gas needs. The country produces a third of its gas consumption volume.

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