Argentina to invest in oil and gas exploration in Pakistan

Jun 09, 2009 02:00 AM

A leading world-reputed Argentinean oil and gas exploration company has expressed a keen desire to invest in the development of oil and gas reserves in Pakistan and is in negotiation with the government to strike a deal.
Dr Carlos Bulgheroni, a prominent business leader of Argentina dealing with energy sector, specializing in oil and gas related activities has just concluded a visit to Pakistan, during which he held a fruitful dialogue with government leaders and senior officials of the oil and gas industry in the public sector. He held talks with Dr Asim Hussain, Adviser to the Prime Minister on Petroleum and Natural Resources, officials of the Ministry and officials of the Oil and Gas Development Corporation (OGDC). Dr Bulgheroni showed interest in the exploration and development of new gas fields in Balochistan and Sindh and to renew efforts leading to the construction of much publicized Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan pipeline (TAP).

A friend of Pakistan, Dr Bulgheroni has been visiting Islamabad since 1992 when he was Chairman of Energy Development and Investment Corporation, a sister company of the known company Bridas International. During the era of Taliban in Afghanistan in 1997, Bridas was one of the two companies which were negotiating to build the Trans-Afghanistan Gas Pipeline from Turkmenistan to Pakistan. The negotiations remained inconclusive due to political upheavals in Afghanistan despite reported deals with another company with Talibans.
In 2006, Bridas renewed its contacts and indicated interest to pursue the Trans-Afghanistan project. In promoting the gas pipeline to Pakistan, Dr Bulgheroni braved missiles and murderous Afghans and trekked across the mountains of Afghanistan to sell his plan to local Afghan warlords.

Bridas Corporation claims it was engaged in exploration and development of oil and gas reserves and the production of oil and gas; marketing and transportation of oil, gas and oil products; distribution of gas and power generation; and drilling and well services.
The Argentinean Ambassador to Pakistan, Rodolfo Martin Saravia hosted a dinner in Islamabad to introduce Dr Carlos Bulgheroni to the Pakistani entrepreneurs engaged in the exploration of oil and gas in the country.

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