Cuba builds biogas plants as new energy sources

Jun 21, 2009 02:00 AM

Cuba has built some 700 biogas plants as new energy sources to develop an efficient and sustainable energy model in the island, an energy expert said.
Cuba, will continue to build biogas plants and to use the energy at rural houses as an ideal way to save fuel and protect the environment, said Mario Alberto Arrastia, an energy expert from Cubaenergia, an energy information centre.

According to research data, Cuba has the potential to produce biogas exceeding 400 mm cm per year. It could generate electric power of 85 MW. Biogas is used in Cuba mostly for household cooking.
Havana City, the provinces of Havana and Pinar del Rio, all located in the west of the island, have most potentials of biogas, which generates energy from the remains of sugar and coffee industries. Cuba began to use biogas in 1940 and the usage increased since 1980 after anaerobic digesters with floating hoods and fixed domes were introduced.

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