Venezuela to build oil refinery in Haiti

Jun 17, 2009 02:00 AM

A Haitian delegation headed by Foreign Affairs Minister Alrich Nicolas participated in St Kitts and Nevis in the PetroCaribe summit during which Venezuela announced the reinforcement of its energy cooperation with the countries of the region through various projects including the construction soon of a petroleum refinery in Haiti.
Among the new petroleum installations that Caracas is considering financing is a refinery whose stocking capacity is 20,000 bpd that will be offered to Haiti. Announced a long time ago, this project is about to be materialized.

For its part, the Dominican Republic will be endowed with a refinery that can receive 10,000 bpd. Cuba and Nicaragua, two faithful ideological allies of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, will also be the beneficiaries of the same infrastructure with even greater stocking capacities.
In addition, thanks to Caracas's 49 % participation in the capital of the enterprise, the neighbouring visitor will be able to purchase Refidomsa, a refinerybuilt on its territory and belonging to the English-Dutch Shell petroleum giant.

This PetroCaribe summit marked by the willingness of the leader of the Bolivarian revolution to strengthen his "petroleum diplomacy" gathered in Basse-Terre, capital of St Kitts and Nevis, the heads of states and governments of various partner countries including the Dominican Leonel Fernandez. In addition to Chancellor Nicolas, the Haitian delegation included Finance Minister Daniel Dorsainvil and Michael Lecorps, director of the monetization office in charge of setting up PetroCaribe.
Thanks to this regional energy cooperation program Haiti officially joined in 2006. The country buys Venezuelan petroleum at preferential prices provided that it pays 40 % of the total invoice at the ordering time.

Source / BBC Monitoring
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