Tunisia sees solar energy as eco-friendly electricity production

Oct 18, 2009 02:00 AM

Tunisia set up a solar plan, TSP, which encompasses all fields of energy efficiency and renewable energies and complies with the Mediterranean Solar Plan's approach.
TSP has scheduled the achievement of 40 projects as part of public-private partnership during the 2010-2016 period. Once carried out, these projects will contribute to an annual energy saving of 660 kTep, which will represent 22 % out of overall reduction of national energy consumption by 2016.

The "avoided" quantity of CO2 by these projects is estimated at 1,300,000 tpy, allowing revenues generated by Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM) worth 240 mm dinars, approximately EUR 130 mm for 10 years (on the basis of EUR 10/ton).
The Tunisian Solar Plan is part of international programmes for the development of renewable energies, particularly Mediterranean Solar Plan's, the programmes supported by the World Environment Fund (WEF) and the Clean Technologies Fund stemming from the World Bank.

Several co-operation projects have already been launched, notably by the German and Italian co-operation authorities, namely GTZ and MEDREC, with Japan, the European Union and the UN Development Programme.
TSP comes as a confirmation of Tunisia's ambition to become an international hub for industrial energy production and exportation, notably for solar energy.

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