Petrobras announces deepwater exploration in Ceara State

Nov 23, 2009 01:00 AM

The President of Petrobras, José Sergio Gabrielli de Azevedo, has announced that it will seek oil in deep water areas in the Ceara Basin from 2011.
"In the areas provided, our development plan involves exploration in deep water, in Ceara, in 2011," Gabrielli has said, in the Legislative Assembly of Ceara public hearing for discussion of projects law relating to the pre-salt, the government sent to Congress. The president of Petrobras also announced investments $ 430 mm by 2105 in exploration activities, inshore in the Ceara State.

The president reaffirmed the work schedule of the Premium II Refinery, which is being built in the city of Caucaia, 54 km from Fortaleza.
"There is no delay," he said. The refinery will mainly produce diesel with low sulphur content, but also Kerosene (Jet Fuel), naphtha (raw material for the petrochemical industry), gas cooking and Marine Diesel (bunker). The refinery will operate from 2013, with production of 150,000 bpd, and from 2015, with 300,000 barrels daily. Oil refining will come from the Campos Basin.

The president of Petrobras also announced that 16,125 workers would be qualified by Petrobras in Ceara by 2013 in the areas of construction, installation, maintenance and operation. So far, 1292 State employees have been qualified in construction and assembly.
In the Assembly, Gabrielli defended the proposed regulatory framework presented by the government. Besides Gabrielli, composed the work table of the governor of Ceara, Cid Gomes, Senator Inacio Arruda, the deputies Airton José and José Nobre Guimaraes, President of the Central Union of Workers of Ceara, Jerome Birth, and Assemblymen Nelson Martins, Domingos Filho and Chico Lopes.

Gabrielli announced that the goal of Petrobras have up to 2013 71 % of domestic content in goods and services contracted for the exploration of areas of the pre-salt. Currently, this content is about 65 %. With the increase in local content, the country could get rid of it Gabrielli called "oil curse" -- where the oil industry stands to the other, preventing the development of other production units.
"We're buying seven and chartered nine rigs to drilling in deep water. We want them to be made in Brazil. We want to generate employment and income in Brazil, "he said.

President Gabrielli ruled on the extent of the projects of Petrobras in Ceara. Regasification Terminal Natural Gas Complex in Port Pecem in Caucaia allows the transport of gas in liquid form by ship and its regasification on land, then their transport through pipelines. According to Gabrielli, the terminal is a "lung", to allow flexibility in the distribution of natural gas.
On the distribution of royalties, whose proposals for change are also analyzed by the Congress, the president of Petrobras stated that the company could transfer the funds directly to the Treasury, without power to decide on the distribution and application.
"As a citizen, I agree that it needs to have an improvement in the distribution of royalties, but Petrobras will pay what is due, no matter which distribution," he said.

About the technology for deepwater exploration, the president of Petrobras said that the high technology involved is being implemented through thematic networks, which are a partnership model established by the universities and national research institutes. There are 50 networks involving 80 universities and research institutes around the country in projects of interest in the areas of Petrobras.
The president of Petrobras also said that the Biodiesel of Quixada, now benefits 24,754 farmers in Ceara, Paraiba, Rio Grande do Norte, Paraiba and Pernambuco. Farmers provide organic oil to the fuel supply chain associated with the plant.

Since 2006 the company invests on average $ 400 mm per year in training infrastructure, purchase of equipment, qualifications of researchers and projects in R & D in partner organizations.
"We are creating conditions for Brazilian science can answer our challenges," he said.

For the governor of Ceara, Cid Gomes, the Pre-salt is a "milestone". He defended the system of shared and emphasized self-sufficiency in oil production, obtained by the country.
The governor of Ceara highlighted the impact of investments of Petrobras in the recovery of the Brazilian naval industry. On the issue of royalties, the governor of Ceara defended distribution of resources to poorer regions.

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