Turkmenistan pipeline to add 6 bn cm to Iran’s imported gas

Jan 07, 2010 01:00 AM

Iran's Petroleum Minister said the opening of Turkmenistan's second gas pipeline would add 6 bn cm of natural gas to Iran's imports annually.
Seyyed Mas'oud Mirkazemi, focusing on the opening of Turkmenistan's new gas pipeline by the two countries' presidents, was adding, "The import capacity through that pipeline would be two bn cm during the first year, which would increase to 6 bn in the second year."

He stressed, "Importing such a volume of gas would assist us in completing our natural gas network in the northern provinces of our country."
The oil minister added, "Meanwhile, the unneeded amount of the imported gas can be exported from Iran's own gas resources (swapped) in the south, or through the country's other borders."

Focusing on the specifications of the newly opened gas pipeline, constructed manly by Iranian oil industry technicians, Mirkazemi said, "The length of Turkmenistan's second natural gas pipeline is 35 km up to Iran's Martyr Hasheminejad Refinery and upon completion of the project, as of next year we would be able to import up to 40 mm extra cm of natural gas through the country's northern and north-eastern borders and inject them into the country's natural gas network."
The Petroleum Minister said, "Regarding the usage of natural gas there are two problems, namely the quantity of usage and production of gas."

Mirkazemi added, "We have an annual usage increase of around 60 mm cm, while in many countries the total volume of annual consumption is lower that that amount."
Mirkazemi reiterated, "During the course of the current (Iranian) year (ending on March 20th, 2010) the natural gas of some industries and power plants would be cut off and we would instead provide them with fluid fuel, which would increase the government's financial commitments." He stressed the need for stricter management over the natural gas consumption in the country at the end.

Source / IRNA
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