Cuba output unchanged in 2009

Jan 06, 2010 01:00 AM

Cuban oil and natural gas production was unchanged this year over 2008 at an equivalent of 60,000-65,000 bpd (4 mm tons). The government reported output was 3 mm tons of oil and just over 1 mm cm of natural gas in 2008.
Cuban production is concentrated along the northwest heavy oil belt, an 80-mile stretch of coast in Havana and Matanzas provinces which produces all of Cuba's heavy crude with a density rating of 8 degrees API to 18 degrees API and a high sulphur content.

Most new wells are drilled vertically from the shore from 2-7 km out to sea. Output has stagnated for most of the decade as old wells are exhausted and new ones do no more than take up the slack.
The poor-quality oil is burned in modified power plants and factories. Some domestic oil is also processed at a joint venture refinery with Venezuela in Cienfuegos province, and then exported to area countries.

Since 2006 Cuba has shipped small amounts of the crude to Asia.
Cuba imported 93,000 bpd of oil and derivatives,with preferential financing, from Venezuela in 2008, with an additional amount sent to the Cienfuegos refinery.

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