New gas field discovered in north Iran

Jan 10, 2012 12:00 AM

Managing Director of Khazar Petroleum Company Ali Osouli said discovery of Sardar-e Jangal Natural Gas Field is a new chapter in development of Iranian oil industry, in terms of expansion and production.
Osluli, who was speaking at the opening ceremony of the Sardar-e Jangal Oil and Gas Industrial Complex added, “The Iranian oil industry engineers and technicians with their have strong wills and resolute determination added another pride to this nation’s long list of prides with their discover of this rich oil and gas field in the north.”

He reiterated, “The pilot study phase for the construction of this gas field started in the year 2001 and they bore fruit with construction of 46 large and small oil and gas structures in the Caspian Sea.”
“The identified, discovered gas field was located between 500 to 800 meters under the sea base and finding the joint links between various parts of the resource was in need of additional discovery excavations,” he added. “The project for construction of the semi-floating Amir Kabir Oil Derrick and the 16k horsepower Caspian 1, 2, and 3 was the prelude to those additional discovery excavations.”

Pointing out that construction of the pool of the support facilities for the excavation operations began right at the begging of the operation in the year 2001, and the entire facilities construction ended in the year 2009, Osouli reiterated, “During the past two years despite the existence of all limitations the operations proceeded fully smoothly, and under such conditions that optimism of the experts had turned to pessimism."
"The entire missing links of the field were discovered and light of hope was kindled in our engineers’ hearts.”

The managing director of Khazar Petroleum Company referring to the choice of Roudsar city as one of the support site locations for Sardar-e Jangal Gas Field based on intensive pilot studies, added, “It took us two years to complete the pilot study at a vast region from Ramsar to Astara in Gilan Province.”
He reiterated, “This region was studied from various points, including being prone to quakes, the existence of oil and gas pipelines, the tide and neap of the Caspian Sea, and various other important factors during the past 156 years.”

Osouli said that closeness to Sardar-e Jangal Gas Field, remote distance from the transfer pipelines, the boarders’ locations, the infrastructure facilities, the proximity to facilities for construction of sea wave breakers, and airport and railway stations were among the positive factors in deciding to choose Roudsar as the place to construct the support site for Sardar-e Jangal Field.
He added, “Choosing this region has been based on scientific studies and with an ultra-regional insight.”

Construction of Sardar-e Jangal Oil and Gas Complex began in the presence of the Islamic Republic of Iran Oil Minister Qassem Rostami in Gilan Province’s Roudsar city at a 300 hectare land in the coast land of that city. After completion, the complex would provide jobs of 50,000 to 100,000 people in Iran’s northern provinces.
The volume of this field’s gas is estimated to be 50 tcf, which is over ten times the volume of Azerbaijan Republic’s Shah Deniz Field, and while Iran’s share of the Caspian Sea gas resources had earlier been 11 tcf.

In addition to providing a portion of the internal consumption of natural gas, this field’s gas would provide a good potential for Iran’s greater exports to Turkey and Europe.
According to the same studies and estimations, the newly discovered gas field has also 8 bn barrels of high grade petroleum.

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