CNOOC puts China’s first multi-purpose deepwater vessel into operation

Dec 30, 2014 12:00 AM

"Offshore Oil 286," a multifunctional offshore engineering ship that has the capacity to perform tasks up to 3,000 meters underwater has begun operation on Dec. 28. Sunday.

The ship that is China's first vessel of its kind is deemed to be a major progress in the field of deep-sea operation and oil exploration and production.

Offshore Oil 286 is an engineering ship that has been built to install large underwater structures, lay underwater hoses and conducting pipes, do maintenance and repair work as well as support underwater robot and diving missions.

The vessel is owned by Offshore Oil Engineering Co. Ltd., an affiliate of China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), one of China's biggest offshore gas and oil producers. The investment cost the company over 1 billion yuan (about $163 million) to complete.

The ship was constructed by Guangzhou Huangpu Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. It carries a 400-ton crane used to install missions underwater. The ship is 141 meters in length and 29 meters in width and has a maximum load capacity of 11,228 tons. Up to 150 crew members can be accommodated by the ship.

"Domestic, overseas and unconventional fields all bloomed, a series of fat gas structures were assessed as successful in succession and self-run exploration of deepwater field witnessed great breakthrough, laying solid resource foundation for second leap," says CNOOC in a press release.

In the future, CNOOC has set the goal to achieve more breakthroughs in crude oil exploration in 2015; continue to improve integrated exploration and development; set up more efficient measures for domestic unconventional oil-gas exploration; and further optimize its overseas strategic layout.

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