Petroamerica announces oil discovery at Langur-1X

Jan 12, 2015 12:00 AM

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Petroamerica Oil Corp, a Canadian oil and gas company operating in Colombia, has announced that testing operations have established a stabilized test rate of 760 barrels of oil per day ('bopd') from the Langur-1X exploration well on the LLA19 Block in the Llanos Basin of Colombia.

After being drilled to 13,717 feet TD, the Langur-1X exploration well was cased to evaluate 14.5 feet of Gacheta C oil pay.  Two intervals were perforated and the well was tested for fifteen days under flow-assistance by coiled tubing and nitrogen, establishing a stabilized flow rate over the last 24 hours of 760 bopd of 24° API oil (380 bopd net to the Company before royalty) with a 27% watercut. The watercut was steadily decreasing for the duration of the test from approximately 50% at the beginning of the test, to 26% at the time the well was shut-in. This watercut behaviour is not typical of water break-through from an active aquifer and the produced water is not interpreted to be coming from a nearby oil-water contact. The well has been equipped with an electric submersible pump and is expected to produce at rates in excess of 1,000 bopd during an extended production test.  Operator Pacific Stratus Energy Colombia Corp. (50% working interest ('WI')) and Petroamerica (50% WI subject to ANH - National Hydrocarbon Agency) are currently assessing potential follow-up drilling locations to the Langur-1X discovery well.

Ralph Gillcrist, President and CEO commented, 'The Langur-1X oil discovery is very encouraging as it opens up a new play fairway in this part of the Llanos Basin for trapping light oil in low-side fault closures in the prolific Gacheta C reservoir. Our expectation is that future oil produced from the Langur-1X discovery has the potential to deliver some of our highest netbacks and will be in high demand as a diluent in this part of the Llanos Basin'.

The Company holds a 50% WI in the LLA19 Block subject to earning and ANH approval. To earn this working interest, the Company will pay 100% of the cost to drill, test and complete the Langur-1X well.

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