INPEX discovers new oil in Minami-Kuwayama oil field in Niigata Prefecture, Japan

Jun 25, 2015 12:00 AM

INPEX announced earlier this week that it has discovered a new oil column at a depth of around 3,900m as a result of exploration drilling in the Minami-Kuwayama oil field in Niigata Prefecture, which has produced approx. 160,000 kiloliters (about 1 million barrels) of oil since trial production began in 2004.

INPEX spudded the Minami-Kuwayama No. 3 well in April this year for the purpose of further developing the oil field and improving its productivity, and confirmed that production can be expected from the 24m thick oil column through analysis of wireline logging data and extracted formation fluid. Wireline logging consists of taking measurements of the resistivity, density and porosity of the formation around the well.

The Minami-Kuwayama oil field is located approx. 20km southeast of the city of Niigata.

Moving forward, INPEX will continue analyzing data retrieved from the well for evaluation purposes, and conduct additional drilling operations in fiscal 2016 in order to bring the discovered oil to production. INPEX expects the current production volume of the oil field at 300~380 barrels per day to triple if the additional drilling operations are successful.

INPEX is committed to its sustained engagement in the efficient and effective cultivation of Japan’s domestic energy resources through new exploration and development activities.

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Location of Minami - Kuwayama No.3 Well

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