Turkmenistan set to unveil new fields

Jul 28, 2015 12:00 AM

The prospects for discovery of large hydrocarbon deposits in Turkmenistan are greatly increasing and getting acknowledged, local Turkmen media reported.

The main method of finding hydrocarbons in deep horizons is seismic exploration. A separate uplift, dubbed the ‘Western Dome’, was first discovered at the Mydar oil and gas field, and within its boundaries an industrial flow of oil was subsequently obtained.

A possibility of discovering the deposits in the southeast of Turkmenistan associated with reefs and other carbonate structures greatly improves the prospects of territory available for huge gas reserves and perhaps oil.

A detailed mapping of the promising horizons has made it possible to detect a large number of new uplifts and tectonic faults.

Among them the largest are Demirgazyk Minara, Gundogar Jujukly, Gunorta Shehitli, Ovlakkyr. The revealed uplands at the previously studied areas testify that the structural trap fund has not been exhausted.

Turkmenistan, which has the fourth largest proven gas reserves in the world, is actively implementing an energy strategy aimed at increasing exports of the blue fuel and diversifying its supply routes to the largest global markets, where the demand for energy resources is growing.

Being one of the key players in the gas market of the Caspian Sea region and Central Asia, Turkmenistan produces about 70-80 billion cubic meters of gas a year. It possesses some 17 trillion cubic meters of natural gas, with some estimates placing that figure upwards of 25 or 26 trillion cubic meters.

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