Agip KCO to build oil and gas treatment plant in Kazakhstan

Nov 28, 2005 01:00 AM

Agip KCO plans by June 2008 to complete an oil- and gas treatment plant in Atyrau region of Kazakhstan, company manager Daniele Nazzani told.
"We plan to complete construction by June 2008, so the plant will be ready to open by that time," he said.

Construction of infrastructure needed to build and operate the plant is nearly complete. So far the company has built roads, railroad lines, power lines, water liens, and gas pipelines, he said.
Reservoirs for oil storage are already being built. The plant will have three reservoirs with capacity of 80,000 cm each.

It has also begun construction of a 100-km pipeline that will supply oil from Kashagan field. More than 2,500 people are involved in the construction and that will later grow to 11,500.
Agip KCO started construction of an oil and gas treatment plant in June 2005 in Kazakhstan's Atyrau region. The oil and gas treatment plant will be located 35 km from Atyrau -- the administrative centre of the region, and will treat oil, gas and sulphur produced at the North-Caspian project.

Agip KCO is drilling at a number of sections in the Kazakh sector of the Northern Caspian, the largest of which is the Kashagan field. Agip KCO was set up to develop the North Caspian project following the signing of a 40-year PSA in 1997.
The consortium is working at a number of fields in the Kazakh sector of the North Caspian, the largest of which is the Kashagan field. According to Agip KCO announcements, recoverable oil reserves at the Kashagan field are estimated at 7 bn-9 bn barrels at least, with total geological oil reserves at the structure of 38 bn barrels.

In addition to Kashagan, according to the PSA, the drilling contract territory includes another three structures: Kalamkas, Aktoty and Kairan. These four structures consist of 11 blocks over a territory of 6,000 sq meters.
Agip KCO participants are as follows: ENI (the operator of the North Caspian project), Total, ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch/Shell, ConocoPhillips, Inpex and KazMunaiGaz.

Source: Asia Pulse
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