Goodrich Petroleum has discovery in South Louisiana

Jan 15, 1997 01:00 AM

Jan. 6, 1997 Goodrich Petroleum Corporation announced completion results in the Lake Raccourci Field in Lafourche Parish, La. The company's State Lease 3258 No. 1 well has been perforated and tested in the Bol 6 sand from the interval 15,509 feet to 15,520 feet. The well tested at a rate of 5.3 mmcf of gas, 687 b of oil per day and zero barrels of water on a 10/64 inch choke with a flowing tubing pressure of 9,027 pounds per square inch (PSI) and a shut-in pressure of 9,567 pounds PSI. In addition to the Bol 6 sand, there are five other productive sands with a total net feet of pay in the well of approximately 100 feet. First production from the well is anticipated by the fourth week of January, 1997. Goodrich is the operator of the well and has a working interest of approximately 16.0 %. The company earned its interest via a farmout and now controls approximately 3,500 acres in the field. Two additional exploratory wells are anticipated for the first half of 1997 and one development well is expected to be drilled in late 1997 in the Lake Raccourci Field.

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