Brightoil makes discovery of promising gas reserves in Tuzi gas field

Aug 28, 2015 12:00 AM

Brightoil Petroleum (Holdings) Limited says that with regard to the Xinjiang Tuzi Luoke Gas Field (Tuzi Gas Field) jointly developed by the Company and China National Petroleum Corporation, the drilling task undertaken by the Sixth Exploration Branch of China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation in respect of the new Tuzi No. 4 deep well is in positive progress.

The well is designed for the destination being the Jurassic Ahe Formation at a depth of 4,270 meters and the drilling requires the use of nitrogen and other cutting-edge workmanship and technology. Currently the drilling has reached a depth of 4,170 meters, during the course of which, promising gas reserves were detected at the Jurassic Kizilnur Formation with a depth of about 3,210 meters and at the Yangxia Formation with a depth of 3,700 meters.

While the covering mud pressure on top of the Kizilnur Formation was up to 66 MPa, the daily gas production is estimated to be 80,000 cubic meters per well and while the covering mud pressure on top of the Yangxia Formation was up to 81 MPa, the daily gas production is estimated to be 150,000 cubic meters per well.

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