UPR finds oil & gas in Louisiana

Feb 25, 1997 01:00 AM

Union Pacific Resources is accelerating development activities in the Louisiana extension of the Austin Chalk as the result of encouraging tests from two new wells, the Crosby 8-1 and the Crosby 24-1, both located in Vernon Parish, Louisiana.The Crosby 8-1, in which UPR owns a 100 % working interest, tested 22 million cubic feet per day (mmcfpd) of natural gas and 4,200 bopd, at a flowing pressure of 7,500 pounds per square inch. The well was drilled to test the productive capability of approximately 50,000 acres where UPR has a 100 % working interest. The well is more than 10 miles from the nearest established production and significantly extends the productive limits of the prolific Masters Creek area.
Drilling has also been completed on the Crosby 24-1 in which UPR owns a 47.5 % working interest. Early flow tests from this well indicate that it is another strong completion in the Masters Creek Field, where the Crosby 33-1 was completed in November 1996. Since its completion, the 33-1 wellhas produced in excess of 1 bncf of gas and 285,000 barrels of crude oil. The well continues to produce at a rate of 13 mmcfpd and 3,600 bpd. Final flow testing of the Crosby 24-1 will be completed in the next two weeks.
The results from these wells, combined with positive results of other operators in the Masters Creek area, have caused UPR to propose a 100 mmcfpd expansion of the Masters Creek Processing Plant to a total capacity of 200 mmcfpd. The first 100 mmcfpd plant will be operating at full capacity upon its completion in June 1997.UPR's net production from the greater Masters Creek area is expected to exceed 75 mmcfpd of natural gas upon connection of the Crosby wells.

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