Turkish-Greek pipeline now complete

Sep 06, 2007 02:00 AM

The energy interconnection between Turkey and Greece is now complete and will become another entry gate for natural gas into this country, Greek Development minister Dimitris Sioufas said.
Minister Sioufas said the essential tests have been completed and the pipeline is ready to begin operation.

Sioufas also noted that the new natural gas pipeline and the interconnection of the electricity systems of Greece and Turkey are the two most important interstate projects between the two neighbouring countries.
The Turkey-Greece pipeline is a 296 km long natural gas pipeline, which will connect Turkish and Greek gas grids. The pipeline begins in Karacabey in Turkey and runs to Komotini in Greece.

The length of Turkish section is 210 km, of which 17 km are under the Marmara Sea. The length of Greek section is 86 km. The diameter of pipeline is 36 inch and the annual capacity is 7 bn cm.
In 2012 the capacity will be expanded to 11 bn cm, of which 8 bn cm will be delivered to Italy when Greece-Italy pipeline is becoming operational. Also proposed West Balkan pipeline is planned to supply by the Turkey-Greece pipeline.

The agreement between Turkish gas company BOTAS and Greek gas company DEPA was signed on 28 March 2002. The intergovernmental agreement to build a natural gas pipeline between countries was signed on 23 December 2003 in Ankara.
The foundation of pipeline was laid on 3 July 2005 by the Prime Ministers Kostas Karamanlis and Recep Tayyip Erdogan. It was expected to begin operating in May 2007, but it was announced that the launch of pipeline will delay until September 2007.

Source / The New Anatolian
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