Portable steam generator increases oil production substantially

Oct 27, 1998 01:00 AM

U.S. Crude Ltd. announced preliminary results from the demonstration of its TM-98 Thermo-Gas Repressurization technology.
The TM-98 system, field demonstrated on the Company's oil property in Oklahoma, increased oil production by over 500 %, in that section of the Company-owned oil field where the demonstration was conducted.
Commenting on the results, Anthony K. Miller, president of U.S. Crude, stated, "The results have exceeded all of our expectations.
"These dramatic results are not only a milestone for our Company, but of significant importance to the entire oil industry. The industry needs a portable, low-cost system like ours, that will enhance oil production from older, poorly-producing wells. We anticipate that the results from this demonstration will generate a number of joint venture and other sales opportunities from both major and independent operators."
The TM-98 system is designed to provide needed reservoir pressure to drive crude oil through ground formations, to thewell, and then up to the surface. The Company's target market for this technology is the thousands of gas depleted oil formations world-wide.

The oil and gas industry commonly uses nitrogen, CO2 and natural gas to repressurize the depleted formations.
U.S. Crude's Thermo-Gas system operates on a similar principle, however the TM-98 injects hot gas into the formation, which makes the oil flow more freely, and increases oil recovery. The system is designed to work well with light or heavy oil.

During October the Company began demonstrating the TM-98 Thermo-Gas system on its oil property in Oklahoma. For the first two days of the process, the Company injected steam into the ground using its TM-96 Portable Steam Generator.
The steam injection was followed by the injection of hot gas using the TM-98 Thermo-Gas system. The TM-98 unit can delivery up to 1.3 mm cfpd of hot inert gas into an oil formation. Based on geologist's calculations, the gas was injected into a strategic location in the middle of 160 acres of land (1/4 section) whereby the wells surrounding the point of entry would benefit from the injected gas.
After injecting only 6.5 mm cubic feet of gas, and achieving a 500 % increase in oil production from the surrounding wells, the Company suspended the gas injection process because the formation would not accept the high-volume of gas being delivered. With the Company's consultants, the Company made the decision to constructed a 4,000 foot pipeline designed to delivery the hot gas to two different locations on the property, thus fully utilising the maximum output of the TM-98.
Commenting on the pipeline strategy, Miller said, "The pipeline is almost complete and gas injection should start again later this week. We believe that once we are able to inject the full output of the TM-98 into the formation, the increase in production will exceed the 500 % increase we have already demonstrated."

U.S. Crude Ltd.'s primary goal is to use patent-pending technologies to rekindle marginally producing oil wells to profitable levels. The Company holds the license to the technologies for, and the rights to market, the TM-96 Portable Steam Generator System and the TM-98 Portable Thermo-Gas Repressurizing System.
These units, used in conjunction with each other, or separately, improve the free flow of crude oil, and provide pressure needed to drive the oil through ground formations to the well shaft. Although major oil companies have used steam and gas technology for years, the patent-pending TM series extraction units provide a portability and low cost of operation not previously available.
The company's immediate target market is approximately 500,000 "stripper " wells in the United States which produce less than 10 bpd, some still having as much as 80 % of the oil remaining underground. Many of these wells are owned by some 23,000 independent operators world-wide, for whom previous extraction methods have been uneconomical. Substantial international opportunities also exist for use of thistechnology.

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