Iran-Armenia gas pipeline project underway

Aug 26, 2006 02:00 AM

Armenian officials announced that preliminary operations for the building of the Iran-Armenia gas pipeline have been completed.
Preparatory operations for the building of a pipeline to transfer Iran’s natural gas to Armenia were finished.

Based on a contract concluded between the Iranian company, Arvandan and Armenia’s Hayrussgasard Co., the Iranian side has managed to finish the digging of a 22.5 km long trench for the project, the report quoted Shushan Sardarian, an official with Hayrussgasard, as saying. The length of the Armenian part of the gas pipeline from the border region Meghri to Kajaran is 42 km.
Pipe laying operation, as the next phase of the project to carry Iran’s gas to the Transcaucasian republic, is expected to be completed by the Iranian side by the end of 2006, the report added.

Source: PIN/MNA
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