Oil accounts for 80 % of Iran's European exports

Aug 22, 2004 02:00 AM

More than 80 % of Iran's exports to Europe consist of oil consignments because high tariffs and standards prevent export of other Iranian goods to that continent. Ali Ahani, the deputy Foreign Minister for European and American affairs told the second conference on Iran's economic diplomacy that Iran was currently facing a toned down economic diplomacy in state-run and private sectors.
"Experience shows that if state-run bodies used diplomacy to achieve their goals, they will enjoy more bickering power and the country will have more opportunities," he said.

Ahani stated that with regard to private sector's activities, Iranian diplomatic missions in European countries did not enjoy high bickering power and in some instances they even disrupted Iran's economic diplomacy.
The official said long distance, lack of enough knowledge about the Iranian market and high tariffs were major reasons reducing Iran's role in the American markets. Ahani mentioned laying good grounds for economic cooperation, paving the way for foreign investors and facilitated activities of domestic corporations as major factors for economic advancement of Iran.

Source: IranMania News
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