Iran holds top spot among gas producers

Apr 18, 2011 12:00 AM

Iranian natural gas will make up at least 10 % of the global energy trade through 2025, said Iranian Deputy Energy Minister Javad Oji during a seminar on Iran's role in the international market. He added  that the country would remain an integral part of the global gas sector for at least another decade.

European demand for natural gas, Oji said, is expected to reach 3 tcf per year by 2030 while China's demand is expected to reach at least twice that level. Iran could help meet much of that energy demand through shipments of liquefied natural gas. Natural gas, meanwhile, is a lower polluting option for an international community seeking a greener economy, the deputy minister added.

Iran's geographical position with access to open seas, as well as markets in Asia, the Middle East and Europe, gives it an advantage in the regional energy sector, said Oji. Iran's share of the global trade in gas is expected to remain at around 10 % through 2025, he added.

Iran has the 2nd-largest global reserves of natural gas behind Russia. The country's ability to trade resources, however, is curbed by economic sanctions imposed as punishment for a controversial nuclear program.

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