Iran plans 40,000 km gas pipeline network by 2025

Jun 25, 2009 02:00 AM

Over 30,000 km of pipeline for transporting high-pressure gas has been built nationwide and the figure will reach 70,000 km by 2025 based on the 2025 Vision. Announcing the above, managing director of Iran Natural Gas Transmission Company, Reza Almasi emphasized that Iran's gas industry is safe and environment friendly.
"The Iranian gas transmission network is immense and will expand significantly based on the plan projected in the 2025 Vision. It has been forecast that 160 new stations for increasing the pressure of natural gas in pipelines will be built," he said.

He noted that the current growth rate of natural gas industry in the world is maximum 2 % while this figure in the Iranian natural gas downstream sector is about 10 %. Almasi said that in view of the growth and expansion of natural gas industry in the past, the growth rate is projected to gradually reduce as it has currently peaked.
Emphasizing that development of human resources should be heeded in parallel with expansion ofnatural gas transmission, he said, "Since the natural gas industry is among sensitive issues of the country, it is necessary to tap the potentials of young and talented forces in regions where gas transmission operations are underway in the best possible manner. The policy of the company is to utilize opportunities that arise in the wake of the participation of these youths."

Elsewhere in his remarks, Almasi said the volume of natural gas transferred nationwide via pipeline increased by over 44 bn cm during 2005-8, which reveals a growth of 45 %. He noted that the government has done a great deal to increase the volume of natural gas supply nationwide by building pipelines and stations for boosting gas pressure in the pipelines.
"In the past three years, over 144 bn cm of natural gas were supplied nationwide," he said.

Almasi also said that until 2005 a major portion of investments in the natural gas industry pertained to the production and distribution sector.
"In those years, the link connecting production to consumption, which is the national gas transmission network, did not register growth and it was problematic to transfer natural gas to the supply network."

Iran Natural Gas Transmission Company, as an affiliate of National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC), started activities in 2007.
The company was one of the managerial arms of NIGC and operated within the framework of seven regions for supplying natural gas nationwide.

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