Horizon Offshore announces award of High Island area LoI by Spinnaker

Jun 28, 2000 02:00 AM

Horizon Offshore announced that it has been awarded a letter of intent by Spinnaker Exploration for the lay and bury of 14 miles of 24-inch pipeline in the High Island area. Horizon will use its lay barge, the Lone Star Horizon, to lay the pipeline and its bury barge, the Canyon Horizon, to bury the pipeline which will require deep burial conditions in a ship fairway.
Bill Lam, president and CEO of Horizon Offshore stated, "This Spinnaker and other recent contract awards demonstrate the confidence that our clients have in our ability to deliver a quality product." Mr. Lam further added, "The award of this project only reinforces our bullish outlook for the second half of 2000 and into 2001. Also, it provides our burial barge Canyon Horizon an opportunity to show its superior deep burial capabilities."

Horizon Offshore provides marine construction services to the offshore oil and gas industry. The Company's fleet is used to perform a wide range of marine construction activities, including installation of marine pipelines to transport oil and gas and other sub-sea production systems, and the installation and abandonment of production platforms.

Source: Horizon Offshore, Inc. via Newspage
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