Energy police in Shanghai helps to reduce energy consumption

Dec 24, 2003 01:00 AM

The "energy police" in Shanghai has helped reduce energy consumption by more than 73 %. The city government ordered the setting up of an energy-saving inspection mission five years ago, to help companies to run at lower costs in power and energy.
According to statistics from the Shanghai Economic and Trade Commission, in the 12 years from 1990 to 2002, Shanghai's overall energy consumption was, if converted to coal, up from 31.91 mm tons to 61.18 tons, while its GDP soared from 75.6 bn yuan ($ 9.1 bn) to 540.8 bn yuan ($ 65.17 bn). This means that the city's energy consumption for every 10,000 yuan-worth of GDP went down from 4.22 tons of coal to 1.13 tons, or a 73 % drop, during the period.
"We thank the Shanghai energy police for their help. In our future development plan, we will give priority to energy saving," said Wen Qingwu, chief technology official of the Shanghai Shenya, a local automobile components producer.

A few months ago, the energy police found Wen's company was wasting power, and suggested changes. The company followed instructions. It gave up high power consumption equipment and made regulations on the use of air-conditioning devices. It is planning to readjust its production line and lighting system next year, taking advantage of Shanghai's renovation plan for public facilities and reception of gas transmitted from gas-rich western China.
"Through energy saving, we have not only reduced our costs and raised efficiency, but raised our international competitiveness too," Wen said.

Shanghai issued its Energy-Saving Regulations five years ago, and set up a 20-strong inspection team. They have since examined over 1,000 local enterprises.
"We met resistance at the very beginning, but now it's different. Most enterprises welcome us. They need our help," Zhu Wei, one of energy police team, said. China's energy consumption in industrial production is 2.3 times that of the world average, according to Zhu.
In China's tallest building, the 88-storey Jinmao Building, the computerized energy saving system has saved 1.24 mm yuan ($ 149,000)-worth of electricity and gas annually. The Jinmao's public lighting system is controlled by the computer network to turn on or off the power supply appropriately. Even the parking garage in the building is equipped to react automatically to turn on or off its ventilation system at the detection of concentrations of carbon monoxide.

Shanghai tops the country in energy consumption, because of its leading position in industrial and commercial development.
The operations of the energy police in this city have lowered per unit energy consumption, while it has maintained the fastest economic growth rate in the country. The Shanghai government is vigorously offering energy-saving solutions and technologies, to further lift the energy use efficiency by enterprises based in this booming industrial and financial centre.

Source: Neftegaz.RU
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