Nepal invites for petroleum exploration bids

Jun 04, 2003 02:00 AM

His Majesty's Government of Nepal, Petroleum Exploration Promotion Project/Department of Mines & Geology (PEPP/DMG) hereby invites bids for Petroleum Exploration in the following Exploration Blocks located in southern part of Nepal.
Companies desirous of undertaking Petroleum Operations in Nepal can participate in the bidding according to the Nepal Petroleum Act, 2040 (1983), Petroleum Regulation, 2041 (1985) and Income Tax Act, 2058 (2002) (as amended).

a. Opening of Invitation for bids: May 30, 2003.

b. Closing of bids: July 31, 2003. If the closing day happens to be a holiday the submission shall be done on subsequent working day.

c. The location and size of the offered exploration blocks are as follows:
Block No. 1 -- Dhangari 4,941 sq km
Block No. 2 -- Karnali 4,838 sq km
Block No. 4 -- Lumbini 4,965 sq km
Block No. 6 -- Birganj 4,880 sq km
Block No. 7 -- Malangawa 4,920 sq km.
Block No. 8 -- Janakpur 4,941 sq km
Block No. 9 -- Rajbiraj 4,854 sq km
Block No. 10 -- Biratnagar 4,969 sq km

d. A form of bid, along with relevant supporting documents, for each exploration block(s) should be submitted in duplicate in a sealed envelope addressed to the Petroleum Exploration Promotion Project/Department of Mines & Geology, His Majesty’s Government of Nepal, Lainchour, Kathmandu, Nepal, Attn: Project Chief on or before July 31, 2003 (before 5 p.m.). The sealed envelope should prominently be marked "Bid for Exploration Block due July 31, 2003".

e. A Petroleum Agreement may be signed covering more than one Exploration Block. Normally, a bidder shall not be granted more than two Exploration Blocks.

f. Bids for seismic option with no obligation for drilling for the initial Exploration Period will be considered.

g. The application/bidding fee is $ 500 for each exploration block applied for, and shall be paid by bank cheque payable to Petroleum Exploration Promotion Project/Department of Mines & Geology. The fee shall be paid at the time of submitting of each bid, and shall be non-refundable.

h. Applicants do not need to register in Nepal nor appoint an agent in Nepal as a condition to submitting a bid.

i. There are different Data Sales Packages A thru U available upon payment of fixed price. Each bidder must purchase General Report (available on payment of $ 5,000) before submitting their bids. Purchase of the Report will also entitle the buyer for visit to the Kathmandu Data Centre at the PEPP office.

Source: Petroleumworld
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