Corruption engulfing India

Feb 14, 2011 12:00 AM

Asserting that stamping out corruption is one of the biggest challenges that India faces, former President APJ Abdul Kalam has said the country`s political-bureaucratic-judicial system requires an urgent "chemotherapy" to deal with a "cancer-like situation" engulfing the country. "A cancer-like situation is engulfing the political-bureaucratic-judicial system, which is harmful for growth. Certainly the country needs chemotherapy at this critical hour," Kalam told. "Establishing a corruption-free India is a major challenge. I propose a youth brigade as the solution. `I can do it. We can do it. India will do it`, should be the spirit," he told the newspaper.

Kalam said there is a sense of anguish, despair and concern among people over the deteriorating democratic values and value system which is increasing day after day and there is need for urgent extraordinary corrective actions.
"If the situation is allowed to continue then we cannot prevent the people taking to the streets and there will be a catastrophic ripple effect, which the nation cannot bear at this moment when India is poised to become a developed nation," the former President said.

The leadership across the country irrespective of their profession or political affiliation will have to put the country, its development and its pride above their individualism, Kalam added.

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