Analyst believes terror is the premise of US democracy

Nov 04, 2011 12:00 AM

Interview with Mohsen Saleh, political analyst
The United States is increasingly resorting to assassination drones to carry out covert strikes in several countries in Asia and Africa.
It is using the unmanned aerial vehicles to carry out lethal attacks in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somali and Yemeni. Just last year, the American military conducted more than 120 drone strikes on Pakistani tribal regions, killing some 1,200 Pakistanis.

According to Pakistani sources, US strikes take 50 civilian lives for every alleged militant. The number of strikes increased dramatically since President Barack Obama took office in 2009.
We interviewed Mohsen Saleh, a political analyst and professor at Lebanese University in Beirut, to learn his opinions on the motives behind the US assassination drone attacks.

The following video offers the opinions of two additional guests: Peter Rushton, a historian and a political analyst and Saeb Shaath, an author and Middle East affairs expert (see

The US is using these assassination drones to kill people. Now there has been a record week for Somalia and Pakistan in terms of the number of deaths.
A couple years ago the UN made a distinction between how this goes against the international law but you have the lack of action, doesn't it give an incentive for the US to continue to kill without trial, without accountability, even its own citizens or citizens of other countries?

First of all, we should know that the UN works under the umbrella of US, not vice versa. So we should not expect from the UN to issue any kind of condemnation against the US.
We have to look at the political behaviour of the US from even before Vietnam; when they bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Iraq, Afghanistan, Hanoi until we could not find any home above the ground in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam and they killed everywhere, in Cambodia n panama in Lebanon anywhere you go you find American killings because this is the premise for their policies.

Yesterday (November 2nd) Kissinger asked Obama to go and talk to Pakistan and Iran and he said this policy -- which is based on killing, ruining and destroying then reconstruction -- failed to do anything in Afghanistan.
So their policy of killing is natural the decision makers in the White House, they always think of killing as something natural so they don't think at the human soul, the human culture and even the human existence as something that should be respected.

So the function of the UN is really useless in this whole of matrix of international policies; that is why the US, for example, can ask the UN to condemn Syria, they condemn Syria, they ask the UN to condemn Iran and even the Palestinians so they condom the victim and leave the murderers free.
On the contrary, they (the UN) ask him (the victim) to apologize to the killer.

Yesterday (November 2nd) UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon - -this is really funny -- in an interview with the Israeli newspaper said that the Palestinians will get nothing in the UN and they should not count on going to UNESCO.
The Secretary General of the highest organization in the world talks about these people, the displaced people, the people who have been killed and massacred in Palestine for the sake of Zionists and American administration -- the killers in the entire whole world.

Let's look at the American policy toward any tyranny whose people are fighting for their freedom: The US feels it should have a role: Does this viewpoint justify US's support for terrorists, like Jundullah, PJAK, and MEK, for example, who are involved in terror attacks in Iran?

Of course, democracy for the US means killing, hegemony, sucking people's wealth -- whether it is oil, money, trade or whatever.
This region (Middle East) happens to be very rich in oil so the American would put puppets in Saudi Arabia or in other [Persian]Gulf states –w e cannot even say 'states', monarchies, whatever -- they move them on remote control and tell them to say something against Iran, against even the Arab issues, against the people, against democracy and also they may tell them go to election and say something about women, about Palestine and actually, they don't know anything but they are like tape recorders, the Americans tape them and tell them to say.

That is why a Riyadh newspapers is saying that we should prepare ourselves to attack Iran and we should forget Israel, so Israel occupied Palestine from the early century and massacred the Palestinians and ignored all the international laws and did all the bad things against the Arabs and is still occupying territories in Lebanon, in Syria and even killing the Egyptians and now some Saudis are saying Iran is their enemy.
This is really funny that some Arabs still think they are independent, that they have states.

This is the most satirical thing in the world and it is an irony to talk about states.
We talk about some people like Qatar or the UAE who are radios are for the Americans and the French.

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