UK wants to monopolise nuclear energy

Nov 16, 2011 12:00 AM

Britain announces plans to embark on constructing a new generation of nuclear power plants, despite the government's hostile approach to other nations' nuclear activities.
The announcement came after a report concluded that there are no safety grounds to limit nuclear power in the UK in the wake of the disaster at the earthquake- and tsunami-hit Japanese reactor in Fukushima.

The UK nuclear industry will embark on one of the most ambitious programmes to build up to 12 new reactors by 2025, irrespective of concerns that the industry has not built a new reactor for more than 20 years.
Britain's chief nuclear inspector Mike Weightman in May published interim findings of an inquiry into the lessons that Britain's nuclear industry could learn from the Fukushima disaster. Taking the results into account, the government signalled that plans for launching a new generation of nuclear power plants were on track.

"The report makes clear that the UK has one of the best nuclear safety regimes in the world, and that nuclear power can go on powering homes and businesses across the UK, as well as supporting jobs," said Environment Secretary Chris Huhne.
"We must, however, continue to improve where we can, not just with operating power stations and new sites, but by dealing with our nuclear legacy in a robust and efficient manner too," he added.

Britain currently has 10 nuclear plants and 19 reactors, which account for almost a fifth of the country's electricity production. This is while the UK government has been engaged in spearheading attempts to deprive the Islamic Republic of Iran from mastering nuclear technology for peaceful purposes.
Britain and its western allies' hostilities towards Iran's nuclear program come as the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is fully monitoring the country's activities and the agency experts are verifying high levels of safety in the country's facilities.

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