Venezuela reduces poverty rate

Dec 02, 2011 12:00 AM

The Social Panorama of Latin America has found that poverty ratio in Venezuela declined in 2010, thanks to the government considerable measures to reduce inequality nationwide.
“The fight against poverty as expressed very clearly and preamble of the constitution must be aimed at creating equal opportunities. So no matter where a person is born or who their parents may be. They can high quality education, health and safety,” Arlan Narvaez, a Venezuelan economist, said.

According to the 2011 “Social Panorama of Latin America,” released by the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), poverty rate in Venezuela stood at 27.8 % last year, ranking the South American country as the third nation with the lowest amount of poor in the region.
The countries with the lowest poverty rates were Argentina and Uruguay (8.6 %), followed by Panama (25.8 %), Venezuela (27.8 %) and Peru (31.3 %).

ECLAC findings also indicate that poverty rate in Latin America dropped 17 % between 1990 and 2010, while extreme poverty fell 10.3 points. This indicates that both indicators are at their lowest level in the past 20 years.
In November, President Hugo Chavez merged Missions Jose Gregorio Hernandez, serving people with disabilities; Slum Mothers, aimed at reducing women's poverty, and Jesus Child, for the attention of pregnant women and children in their early years to create the fourth large scope mission called Sons of My People in order to universalize social security in Venezuela.

The Sons of My People Mission particularly addresses children, adolescents and pregnant women living in extreme poverty. The Mission will grant families a monthly contribution of $ 100 per child up to a maximum of three individuals, and children with disabilities almost $ 140 for life.
At least $ 2.3 mm will be allocated in 2012 for the Sons of My People Mission. The new social program will serve about 800,000 pregnant women a year and more than one mm children under 18 years of age who are in critical poverty conditions.

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