Zionist-US project is aimed at imposing hegemony on Arab region

Dec 03, 2011 12:00 AM

by H. Zain and R. al-Jazaeri

Member of the Leftist Egyptian Movement, Ibrahim Badrawi said that what is taking place in the region is an implementation of an imperialistic Zionist-US project aiming at imposing hegemony on the region after the failure of the so-called "Greater Middle East" project due to the resistance of Syria and the other resistant powers.
Badrawi said that the reality of the situations in Syria has divulged the incredibility of the some satellite channels, on top of which al-Jazeera and al-Arabiya which practice the provocation and the falsification of the facts in a way that can't be denied by anyone.

He considered that what happened with child Sari Saud proves the lies of al-Jazeera as the army which has defended the Arab nation can't kill a child, indicating that the Syrian media has achieved a great progress this year and it has been able to disclose the lies of the misleading media channels.
He added that the Union for the Mediterranean aims at imposing the European hegemony on the region and integrating Israel in it by force in cooperation with the US project, and this will not be achieved without undermining Syria and the resistant powers.

For his part, Representative of one of the Palestinian national activities, Sheikh Suleiman Antir said that the conspiracy facing Syria is due to its national and pan-Arab stances and its steadfastness in the face of the Israeli occupation, in addition to its support to the resistance and to the Palestinian cause.
He added that the US and Zionist schemes on dividing the Arab world are very ancient and clear and because Syria is the backbone of the Arabism, undermining it means undermining the whole region.

Director of Germany-based One World Institution for Research and Media, Said Doudin said that the opposition abroad is a tool that doesn't have an organizational structure and when it issued its statement in Istanbul it didn't mentioned the occupied Syrian Golan even in one word.
He added that the Arab regimes, which accepted the US aggression against Iraq and provided their lands as military bases to kill more than a mm Iraqis, are now working on undermining Syria and the unity of its people.

In the same context, Lebanese Political Analyst, Ghada al-Yafi said that the war launched against Syria under different pretexts is related to an ancient plot aiming at imposing the US hegemony on the resources of gas in the region and at limiting the escalating capabilities of Russia, in addition to facing Iran.
In an article published by al-Arabi Egyptian Newspaper under the title "Secrets of War against Syria" al-Yafi added that the story of the war against Syria has started since 1992 when Kyoto Protocol was approved with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the global warming as the gas has become more important than oil.

Also, a number of the Algerian writers and analysts stressed that the Arab League (AL) decisions against Syria serve the interests of suspicious foreign and regional agendas due to the pan-Arab role of Syria which rejects all the Western projects in the region.
They stressed that Syria is a key country in the Arab world, adding that the AL should have played a mediatory role that encompasses all the bodies and parties to facilitate reaching a solution to the Syrian crisis in the first place.

On their part, a number of the Lebanese MPs and figures reiterated that the Lebanese national bodies stand by Syria in face of the foreign conspiracy in which some Arab regimes are involved.
They warned against the plot which aims at making Syria a part of a conflict that would burn the region, adding that the foreign interference in the Syrian crisis aggravates the situation.

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