Argentina, Venezuela and Cuba to strengthen cooperation with Haiti

May 31, 2012 12:00 AM

Argentina, Venezuela and Cuba will boost Haiti’s agricultural development and will build a hospital with state-of-the-art technology, after the signing of two tripartite agreements, informed the Haitian presidency.
According to the communiqué, the hospital, financed by Caracas and Havana, will have a value of $ 78,000 and will be built in the area of Corail, where the headquarters of the Prime Minister was located prior to the earthquake of January, 2010.

Meanwhile, Argentina and Venezuela will be in charge of agricultural development programs.
The four countries also agreed to create a joint venture to administer the funds of the Venezuelan PetroCaribe project in Haiti, the construction of shelters, the donation of infrastructure for education, and the granting of some 300 scholarships for youngsters of scant economic resources, points out the text.

The Prime Minister launched a social aid program that will benefit over 100,000 Haitian mothers.
The project is provided with about $ 13 mm, also coming from PetroCaribe.

Haiti has been going through a crisis situation for more than two years now, when the earthquake killed over 300,000 people and left two mm victims, 400,000 of which still live in camps where the situation is increasingly critical.
The nation also suffers a cholera epidemic that has already resulted in over 7,000 deaths, and the Pan-American Health Organization estimates that this figure could triple starting from this month, when the rainy season will begin and the situation of insalubrity will worsen.

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