UAE exports up 61% to Dh135.7 bn

Mar 13, 2013 12:00 AM

The UAE non-oil exports show a flat and stable growth, confirming the good reputation of these exports in the global markets, said the Federal Customs Authority (FCA) .

"The value of the UAE non-oil exports rose in the first nine months of 2012 to Dh135.7 bn compared to Dhs84.4 bn in the same period of the last year," said the FCA.

The total foreign non-oil trade (minus the free zones trade) in the first nine months of 2012 rose by Dh99bn to Dhs783.5bn compared to Dh684.9bn in the same period of the last year, said the FCA.

"The preliminary statistics of the UAE non-oil foreign trade showed that gold has been the major item in the UAE export structure at a top of the major ten exported goods with Dh79.8 bn, followed by ethylene polymers in the basic forms with Dh5.3 bn, jewelry and jewels with Dh4.9 bn, crude aluminum with Dh3.3 bn, propylene polymers in the basic forms with Dh2.9 bn, petroleum oils and oils obtained from bituminous minerals with Dh2.4 bn," the FCA said.

"The UAE imports achieved the same growth rates as previously recorded," said the FCA. "The imports grew by 13 per cent in the first nine months of the last months, rising by Dh55 bn to Dh495 bn compared to the same period of the last year.

Gold came at the top of the major ten commodities imported in the same period with Dh106.4bn, followed by diamonds with Dh29.7bn, cars with Dh28.1, jewels and pieces of jewelry with Dh27.2bn, jet and propeller turbines with Dh10.6bn and phone devices with Dh8.3bn," the FCA indicated.

The re-exports to the foreign markets, said the FCA, plunged by 5 per cent to Dh152.7bn compared to Dh160.6bn in the period of comparison. The diamond came at the top of the major re-exported commodities in the first nine months of 2012 with Dh26.4bn, followed by jewels and pieces of jewelry with Dh20.3bn, cars with Dh11.1bn, phones including mobiles or other wireless networks with Dh8.3bn and fiber glass with Dh4.2bn.

"In terms of weight," the FCA said, the total non-oil foreign trade hit 98.9 million tons, including 42.6 million tons in imports, 48.7 million tons in exports and 7.5 million tonnes in re-exports.

"The trade structure has maintained stable order of regions in terms of major partners in the first nine months of 2012," said the FCA.

Asia- Pacific came at the top of the major trade partners of the UAE in non-oil foreign trade with a total of Dh326.1bn at 42 per cent of the total trade. Europe came second with Dh222.2bn at 29 per cent of the total trade, then the MENA with Dhs110.6bn (14%), America and the Caribbean with Dhs64.9bn (8 per cent). The Western and Central Africa region came in the fifth place with Dh23.2bn (3 per cent) and finally came COMESA with Dh20.8bn (2.7 per cent).
The total non-oil foreign trade with the GCC states hit Dh65.7bn in the first nine months of 2012, including Dh25.9bn in imports, Dh18.5bn in exports and 21.3bn in re-re-exports, the FCA said.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) came first in the trade partners in GCC states in the same period. The total UAE-KSA trade hit Dhs22.2bn at 33.8% of the total trade with GCC states. Oman came second with Dh15.9bn (24.1 per cent), followed by Kuwait with Dh12.9bn (19.7 per cent), Bahrain Dh7.4bn (11.2 per cent) and finally Qatar with Dh7.3bn (11.1 per cent).

In the first nine months of 2012, the total UAE foreign trade with Arab countries hit about Dh113.3bn, including Dh52.8bn in imports, Dh26.1bn in exports and Dh34.3bn in re-exports.

The total trade in free markets and zones hit about Dh12.7bn in the first nine months, including Dh6.2bn in imports, 1bn in exports and Dh5.5bn in re-exports.

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