Attack on Russian Embassy in Kiev a provocation to war

Jun 16, 2014 12:00 AM

By John Robles

The 1961 Vienna Conventions on Consular Relations which entered into force on April 24 1964 and have hence been supplemented have been the guiding rules. The preeminent document governing the working of diplomatic missions around the world and clearly laying out the framework for international relations since its inception. The Vienna Conventions have proven to be one of the most respected and successful international documents in history respected and followed even during times of war. Therefore the attack on the Russian Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine is a crime of international proportion which must be condemned by the entire international community.

Ukraine has become a rogue nation acting with complete and total impunity since the armed coup in February and the installation by the western backed junta of a government made up of nazi sympathizers pretending to represent the will of the Ukrainian people while using violent brute force to silence and literally eliminate anyone opposed to their reign of terror. The previous statement is sadly not an exaggeration of the facts but an understatement as to the illegality and egregious conduct of the regime.

"Puppet" Poroshenko’s Escalation

After the recent presidential election conducted by the junta which saw billionaire oligarch Petr Poroshenko placed in the office of president, it had been hoped that the government would cease its punitive military operations against the civilian population in the east and across Ukraine. However Poroshenko, who Rossiya Segodnya head Dmitry Kiselyov called a "helpless puppet" on his weekly program Vesti, has continued and even escalated the punitive war on civilians. Immediately after his inauguration the Ukrainian forces began employing heavier weapons, illegal munitions and all of the resources at their disposal including fighter aircraft.

Among the banned munitions being employed against civilian targets are cluster bombs and white phosphorous. The military is literally wiping entire villages off the face of the earth and to add to the growing list of war crimes they have refused to allow the innocent civilian population to exit the zone of conflict. With their public statements that they are engaged in a war to "clear the east" there can be absolutely no doubt that the junta is engaged in clear and undeniable genocide against the people of the east and those opposed to their illegal grab on power.

Western Silence, Collusion and War by Proxy

Despite the growing list of war crimes and evidence that the US is directly responsible for bringing nazis to power in Ukraine, the West continues to support the junta. This is understandable as the nazi junta is fighting the war against Russia that the US/NATO cannot carry out on their own. No matter what the junta does, from slaughtering innocent unarmed protestors in Odessa, to bombing hospitals with illegal munitions and now to attacking the untouchable territory of a diplomatic mission, the West continues to support the monsters in Kiev thus facilitating and leading to the junta’s belief in their own impunity.

The West has found like-minded brethren in Ukraine’s nazis, with their global illegality being mirrored in the microcosm that is Ukraine. From muffling the media, to torture, to punitive war, to oligarchs bought and paid for and placed in power, to demonization of Russia, to "regime change" and destabilization, everything that we are seeing in Ukraine has been standard operating procedure for the US around the world.

There has been no outcry, there has been no condemnation, there are no international organizations calling for the sanctity of the lives of the civilians in the east to be respected and the latest attack on the Russian diplomatic mission in Kiev and the lack of response by the West shows not only their silent collusion but their open support for the crimes of the junta.

Also in a stunning public appearance the head of the OSCE Lamberto Zannier met with refugees from Ukraine and began his speech by telling the gathered refuges who has lost everything and been targeted for extermination by the junta and the new president that Ukrainian President Poroshenko wanted to "bring the country into the light" or flourish and prosper. Telling this to people who were targeted in an operation to "clear the east" was unbelievable but the OSCE head did add that those guilty of committing crimes should be punished.

Attack on Embassy

On Saturday the Russian Embassy in Kiev was subject to a violent attack organized by one of the main architects of the Maidan Igor Kolomoisky and members of his Azov Battalion, who the US continues to support.

Initial reports and witness statements testify to the fact that the attack on the Russian Embassy was carefully planned and that the goal of the egregious attack on the diplomatic mission was to seize the building and shed the blood of Russian diplomats. Russian Ambassador to Ukraine Mikhail Zurabov believes the attack was thoroughly planned.

The tactics and the attempted storming of the embassy are the exact tactics that the Right Sector and Kolomoisky’s thugs used to overthrown the legitimate government of Ukraine with one very important exception: an attack on an embassy is an attack on the sovereign territory of the country whose embassy is attacked. The junta in effect attacked the Russian Federation and historically such an attack has the potential for being considered a declaration of war.

The normal minimal reaction by the attacked country to such an outrageous attack is filing an official complaint with the country hosting the embassy (which is obligated by the Vienna Conventions to protect the territory of embassies from attack) and with the United Nations. Russia has for its part filed a draft resolution condemning the attack with the UN Security Council but it was blocked by the US, the UK and France. This unprecedented condoning of an attack on a diplomatic mission is almost unprecedented.

For hours as up to a thousand people (at one point) engaged in overturning cars, smashing out all of the windows in the building and defacing the embassy compound with swastikas, the police who initially formed a cordon around the building but then were instructed to leave and not interfere, did absolutely nothing to stop the attack.

If all that is not bad enough the fact that Interior Minister Arsen Avakov and Foreign Minister Andrey Deshchytsia joined the crowd attacking the embassy and with the case of the foreign minister launched into an expletive filled attack on Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation to the cheers of the crowd, shows that the attack on the embassy was given the green light (if not in fact ordered) by the junta and the "government" at the highest level.

It is important to note that the United Kingdom also wanted to storm an embassy not long ago to get its hands on poor Julian Assange who continues to be trapped in London, but the UK was forced to abide by the Vienna Conventions for fear of attacks worldwide on its own missions. The Kiev junta apparently does not care at all about its diplomatic missions around the world, with the same disregard that it approaches all aspects of international law, even rules prohibiting the use of forbidden munitions, and once again has underlined its own illegitimacy.

Provoking War

Since day one the junta has been provoking war with Russia. By demonizing and killing ethnic Russians and Russian speakers, by continuously detaining and possible torturing Russian journalists, by sending tanks into Russian territory, by attacking a Russian Diplomatic Mission and by continuous bellicose rhetoric and undiplomatic conduct, the junta is working overtime to fulfil the will of their western masters.

The US/NATO want a pretext for war and to place their military elements in the country. They also want to exploit Ukraine’s resources and their end goal is isolating Russia and diminishing any influence Russia might have in Europe.

Russia continues to patiently try to deal with the all-out attack by the West through diplomatic and peaceful means but as we have seen with the gas issue, as Gazprom has now finally forced the deadbeat regime to pay in advance for their gas, even though they have a debt of $4,458,000,000.00, which the junta, in my opinion, has no intention of paying.

Russia wants peace but even a peaceful sleeping bear will attack if you provoke it long enough. And that is apparently what the White House officials and CIA/NATO are trying to do as Operation Ukraine continues.

For those who believe in the democracy and freedom rhetoric of the United States Government with regard to Ukraine and the continuing demonization of Russia, what we have seen since 9/11 is a super power run amuck all over the world. I would encourage all of you subjected to the media censorship in the West to seek out the truth about what has occurred in Ukraine. I would encourage you all to protest against those in your government who would fund nazis and look the other way as peaceful civilians are being slaughtered for the crimes of being "pro-Russian" or wanting the right to self-determination or being against the illegal coup government.

The US/NATO war machine depends on your funding and your hard earned taxed income to exist, yet what they are doing in Ukraine and in many other places around the world are crimes against all of humanity. You can stop them if you want.

The United States and NATO are facilitating genocide against Russians in Ukraine and they have unleashed nazis in Europe (things which should have been stopped long ago) and they are continuing to provoke Russia in what may lead to World War III.

The views and opinions expressed here are my own. I can be reached at

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