ISIL partitioning Iraq and Syria under Biden Plan

Sep 22, 2014 12:00 AM

It is now a telling yarn that one of the people that set the stage for the deadly division of Iraq and Syria, and the rise of ISIL, is Joseph Biden, the current vice-president of the United States.

In 2008, when Biden was a senator in the Congress, he presented the “Biden Plan” to divide Iraq into three sectarian entities – a united country that has never been divided into sectarian units. Consequently, it was the “Biden Plan” that created one of the blueprints for the political/security face of the current crises in both Iraq and Syria i.e., ISIL.

The United States might claim otherwise; that it is now conducting a campaign of airstrikes against its prodigal son, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. But that appears to be too little too late: The bogus campaign has done little to tamp down the belief circulating from the streets of Baghdad to the highest levels of Iraqi government and beyond that the US (along with Israel and the petrodollar racket known as the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council) is behind the same terrorists that it is now attacking.

ISIL Partitioning Iraq and Syria Under Biden Plan

So it is fair to call the “Biden Plan” a call to partition Iraq and Syria.

It is also fair to call the terrorist group of ISIL, just like al-Qaeda, a product of the US government and Israel, regimented and trained to implement Biden’s plan.

To this end:

1. ISIL is a convenient instrument of terror designed to tarnish the peaceful image of Islam, divide and conquer the oil-rich Middle East, protect Israel, and counter Iran’s growing influence in the region.

2. America is using ISIL to attack its enemies, to serve as a pretext for US military intervention in the Middle East, and at home to foment a manufactured threat to justify the unprecedented expansion of invasive domestic surveillance.

3. The reinvasion of Iraq has partially satisfied Washington’s thirst for oil, but airstrikes in Syria and economic sanctions on Iran has everything to do with protecting Israel. The goal is to deprive Israel’s past and present enemies, Lebanon’s Hezbollah and Palestine’s Hamas, of crucial Syrian/Iranian support.

4. The division of Iraq and Syria is also part of a longstanding push into Eurasia by the US, Israel, and their European allies that has involved a set of pretexts and lies: Sectarian violence between Muslims - not foreign intervention/terrorism - is now falsely being presented as basis for the ongoing conflicts and pretext for reinvasion.

At least this is what has been happening since the rise of the “American Caliphate” in the Levant.

The reality is that Iraq and Syria have never been divided into sectarian units. So the biggest unanswered question is what makes US government/lawmakers think they have the right to commission ISIL to partition Iraq and Syria? By all accounts, the very word "partition" has a bad ring to Muslim ears. After all, it was the UN/Western partition plan for Palestine that paved the way for the creation of Israel.

In any case, Israel is clear evidence why the partitioning of nations has been and still is a human tragedy. It is far from obvious too that the Iraqi people/officials, as well as their brothers-in-arms in Syria, don’t like the “Biden Plan” remotely. It isn’t just that: They are not relying on the former occupier to fight ISIL either. Quite the opposite, they all stand united in the face of this wicked American/Zionist project of divide and rule, which is only designed to inflict harm and increase their suffering without solving their problems.

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