After Brexit NATO to become Washington’s 'main tool to control Europe'

Jul 08, 2016 12:00 AM

Currently, there are attempts to organize a new referendum on Britain’s membership in the European Union. If Britain remained in the bloc it would be in the interests of the United States and NATO.

However, if finally London withdraws from the EU NATO will return to its initial role, Vladislav Jovanovic, a Yugoslavian veteran diplomat and former Yugoslavian ambassador to Turkey, said.

According to him, NATO’s role will be to keep Germany in Europe while keeping Russia as far as possible from Europe. In this situation, the US will remain the most powerful military player on the continent.

Jovanovic suggested that Brexit is only the first step in the weakening of the EU. The Brexit vote has revealed a number of internal contradictions between different country members. Moreover, the EU has structural problems which cannot be resolved with its traditional tools.

"But no matter what Europe will look like in the near future the US will be interested in preserving its positions on the continent. Thus, NATO may acquire an additional role as a regulator of Washington’s influence in Europe," Jovanovic told.

Traditionally, the US has exercised its influence on Europe via Britain. Now, if Britain leaves the EU there may be need for strengthening NATO.

"The UK long opposed joining the European Economic Union, but Washington prompted London to join the bloc. However, Britain always slowed down the development of the united Europe. As a result, the EU hasn’t managed to become an independent global actor," the diplomat said.

The question is whether NATO will continue to use Eastern Europe to promote its ideas to Western Europe, he added.

"Anyway, it’s clear that after Brexit the US will have to find a new country or group of countries to control integration process within the EU," he concluded.

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