Pakistan 'forced' to sign TAPI

Jan 04, 2011 12:00 AM

By Sajid Aziz

The present government in Pakistan has been compelled to become a part and sign Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, India Gas Pipeline Project agreement at Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, owned and managed by the Israelis, experts say.

It seems that Pakistan by becoming a part of TAPI, will have to leave behind all other easier options to find energy resources available in abundance within the country including massive gas reserves in Sindh, Balochistan and coastal belt of Makran besides wind, solar and coal-powered energy. It is worth mentioning that Pakistan has stopped working on nuclear resources of energy, which is still considered as one of the cheapest and easiest source of energy. Pakistan has done nothing in this sector to overcome ever-increasing energy crisis for the last two decades, has done nothing to install more nuclear power plants.

While a number of other countries including Brazil, North Korea, Iran, are working on this cheap source of energy, despite being a nuclear power, Pakistan has been forced to do away with further advancement in nuclear power plants. The TAPI project, Washington had dreamed for years to accomplish offering extensive energy assistance in return to overcome the woes to address the shortfall and rapidly growing energy needs in Pakistan, which is currently the most complicated issue nun-tackled and getting out of control of the present government.
The enthusiasm of international forces, which are already in these regions, who claims to be the custodians, helpful and sympathizers of all the nations of the world, always ready to solve the problems, involve in internal and external affairs at their own will and desire, of course, by selling arms of billions of worth and keeping in view their other vast interests, at last succeeded in getting this long awaited project signed.

Turkmenistan has world’s fourth largest natural gas reserves up to 14 tn cm in Yolotan, Osman and adjacent areas confirmed by the British Company M/s. Gaffney Cline Associates who had submitted audit certificates to all the stakeholders. Over 2,000 km. pipeline project starting from Turkmenistan via Herat and Kandhar, Afghanistan, Quetta and Multan, Pakistan to Fazilka, India, is claimed to largely benefit out of this ghost project, which will be funded by the Asian Development Bank through a private consortium to build and run it within five years.
The US Deputy Assistant Secretary for Central Asia, Susan Elliott said’ the pipeline’s root ‘may’ serve as stabilizing corridor linking neighbours together in the economic growth and prosperity.

Keeping in view their failure in Afghanistan at the hands of Talibans, what strategy could have been better then this and their cause to permanently stay in these regions. The statement of the Afghan Mine and Minerals Minister, Waheedullah Shahrani quoted as saying that 7000 troops will ensure the security of pipeline and forgot to ensure the security of hundreds and thousands of workers, engineers, project officers and machinery. Whereas more than a million of NATO troops equipped with the most sophisticated arms and ammunition could not overcome the hold of Taliban, how can one believe this pipeline to come across two countries where at one end Talibans are at hold and the other end BLA and TTP are a major threat to this project, which could never materialized like IPI (Iran, Pakistan India Gas Pipeline), which was reduced to Iran-Pakistan later on after withdrawal of India.

The main objective of the masters of our rulers is to continue and even beef up energy crisis in nuclear-power Pakistan, ridiculously seeking most expensive and extremely difficult options of energy resources such IPI, TAPI or import of LNG or LPG leaving behind cheapest and easiest resources of energy available within the country.
After depleting gas at the largest source of natural gas Sui (Balochistan), the country’s needs are being met through various reserves found in Sindh and due to massive consumption, they too are depleting at a fast pace and it is feared that by the next two decades none of the present reserve will be producing gas in Pakistan. Realizing the fact, the experts have sounded alarm bell long time ago, but unfortunately Pakistan had remained in the clutches of an army rule for almost a decade and the dictator – Pervez Musharraf had been dancing to the tunes of his masters and nothing has been done in finding alternative sources of energy.

Pervez Musharaff, after confining our national hero – Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan has shut down all the doors to nuclear research and exploration of natural resources on the whims of his masters creating biggest ever crisis of energy.
Due to energy shortage and frequent shut-downs have caused over two trillion rupees’ production losses during Musharaff’s tenure and two and half years’ period of present regime.
Why the rulers whether they are military regimes or so-called democratic did not bother to address the country’s most sensitive issue which could even jeopardize national sovereignty, Dr Qadeer says that the crisis has been created wilfully by dishonest rulers. According to Dr Qadeer in order to overcome energy crisis in the country is a matter of a few months and not the decades, and that too without spending too much resources. What is required by the nation is to bring someone loyal, patriotic and committed to the national cause, to the helm of affairs.

Though experts say that there is no power crisis in the country we can generate over 21,000 MW as against demand of 19,000 MW besides 4,000 to 5,000 MW capacity of power generation by the sugar mills.

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