Iraq’s government food support reaches 32,6 mm people

Apr 17, 2011 12:00 AM

“The distribution of the Rationing List represents 81 % of the Trade Ministry’s budget,” Minister Babakir told, adding that the number of people, covered by the Rationing List reaches 32,6 mm people.
The Minister said that the above figure “is the largest number of people, getting government food support in the whole world”.

He estimated the share of each person from the Rationing List covers 9 kg of wheat flour, 3 kg of rice, 2 kg of rice, whilst the remaining shares of cooking vegetable or animal oil is distributed according to different parts of the country, as southern Iraq’s residents prepare to consume animal oil.
The Minister said that his Ministry had to import 500,000 tons of foodstuff monthly, costing 20,000 dinars for each citizen, meaning that the Ministry needs 8 tn Iraqi dinars to cover its 2011 Rationing List, whilst the total budget of the Ministry does not exceed 4 tn Iraqi dinars.

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