Kazakhstan realizes 63 infrastructure projects worth $ 15.6 bn

Oct 31, 2011 12:00 AM

Some infrastructure projects totalling $ 2.8 tn tenge ($ 15.6 bn) are being realized under the industrial development program of transport infrastructure in Kazakhstan by 2014, the Transport and Communications Ministry reported citing Minister Berik Kamaliyev.
"The main purpose of sectoral programs is to achieve growth in gross value added for transport by 63 % (from 1.335 tn to 2.175 tn tenge)," Kamaliyev said during a meeting with a population of the Aktobe region.

He said it is planned to build 1,600 km of new railways and electrify about 1,700 km of railways, construct and reconstruct about 50,000 km of roads. The main project is the reconstruction of the transport industry transcontinental corridor "Western Europe-Western China".
"The corridor is expected to be completed in 2013, which would allow to reduce the time of cargo delivery from China to Europe by road almost 3.5 times compared to the delivery by sea," he said.

He said, until 2014, the country will rebuild about 5,000 km and repair 6,000 km of roads of national significance and 10,000 km of local roads.
"It is planned to complete reconstruction of all 6 international road transit corridors in Kazakhstan with total length of 8,415 km in 2015," he noted.

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