The ‘Alexander’s Gas & Oil Connections’ website offers:

-  Gas & Oil News; featuring news & information on the global oil & gas related developments, subdivided into regions,  selected from hundreds of different sources

- ‘World News’; featuring news & information on ‘Other Energy’, Economy, Climate & Environment, Geo-politics and ‘More’ (water, health, socio-economics & more) allowing to see the global energy-developments in a broader context.

- Calendar of Events; a very extensive collection of oil/gas/energy-related industry events all over the globe.

- Alexander’s Commentary; a regular editorial/short commentary and analysis written by Alexander.

- A free newsletter to which you are invited to subscribe by simply registering.

- The ‘Campbell’s Atlas of Oil & Gas Depletion’; a fascinating and very revealing overview of the future production-abilities of the 66 main Oil & Gas producing countries, based upon the half-a-century experience and data of Colin Campbell. Published by Springer Business-Media. The book can be ordered via this website.

Further on offer:

- Consultations or specific conversations/consultations via phone or skype

- one-day (in-house) workshops using one of the most advanced and effective intelligence-enhancing methods (the Way of the 5 Intelligences),

- two-day perception-gatherings using 'the Way of the 5 Intelligences'

- three-day perception-gathering & think-tanks using 'the Way of the 5 Intelligences' and a leading-edge think-tank-technology

for governments, NGO’s and multinational organizations, and

- Guest-lectures

- Speeches

at universities, institutions and conferences.

The ‘Way of the 5 Intelligences’ is a holistic perception-enhancing tool that includes a specific set-up and ecology in combination with a 5-dimensional approach to an issue. The multi-dimensional approach encourages integrational viewing and leads to new perceptions within a greater context. It leads to paradigm-shifts within the participants and have long-term positive effect on the thinking and personal and professional abilities.

Alexander can be contacted via e-mail:, the website or via phone: ++49 2681 9838837

Note: The news in Gas & Oil News and Oil-Around is not ours. The news-items, published under the fair-usage principle, are the result of extensive internet-searches, expert-selection and light editing for easement-purposes. The links to the original articles are provided.

Alexander's Commentary

Change of face - change of phase

In the period of July 20 till August 3, 2015, Alexander will be out of the office and the site will not or only irreg

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