Oil-Around 2013

Oil-Around 2013

Oil & Gas, Economy & Finance, Geopolitics, Climate

Towards an integrated picture

Autumn, 2013
near Frankfurt, Germany


Lindner Hotel ‘am Wiesensee’, Westerburg, Westerwald


With the multiple discoveries currently occurring around the world, is Peak Oil still valid? ‘The market is well supplied’, but for how long?  And will we see Peak Production, Peak Supply or Peak Demand?

The energy-revolution caused by shale oil and –gas in the US is remarkable. Ever more countries are considering taking it up, but resistance is growing. What can we expect?

All over the globe economic conditions are changing rapidly. What does it mean and where is it going? In the financial environment, the ‘Cyprus Solution’ has caused wide reverberations, adding to the already fragile state. Is another Crash coming and how will this work out?

Will the newly discovered Mediterranean riches stay locked-in due to geo-political wrangling, or flow freely due to well-chosen partnerships? What roles play the planned and projected pipelines in the Middle East and Central Europe in the ongoing uprisings? What are the geo-political issues at play in Africa becoming the resource-haven for the world?

And then there is the Climate.

The climate seems ever more extreme and unpredictable. Are we in the midst of Global Warming, or looking at a period of Global Cooling?  Or is it a bit of both, playing out differently in different places?

Questions over questions, with all subjects, and answers, intimately related.

To address these very interrelated and interdependent subjects in a comprehensive way, we have gathered a small group of top-experts, much time for Questions and Answers and a highly advanced method to allow deepening and at the same time elevation of these subjects towards a multi-dimensional perception of global developments and where these may lead to.

This three-day international gathering will be a multi-level master-class and think-tank for senior functionaries, investors, consultants and executives concerned with energy-related planning, and all others interested in the subject-matters.


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